Where to buy “The Sauce”

“The Sauce” can be purchased online at:

The Kansas City BBQ Store

Smoke ‘N’ Fire

All Things BBQ (hot and original)

Nationwide you can visit your local Dean & DeLuca store.


If you live in the KC area, “The Sauce” can be found at the following:

  • indicates that they sell our 82% organic versions


Inside the KC Metro:

Door to Door Organics* -delivers to many areas throughout the Metro

Cosentino’s grocery stores

Hen House grocery stores

Hy-Vee grocery stores

Price Chopper grocery stores


Fairway, Kansas

Fairway Hen House Market*


Leawood, Kansas

Dean & DeLuca

Lenexa, Kansas

Hy-Vee, Lenexa


Mission, Kansas


Hy-Vee, Mission


Olathe, Kansas

Hy-Vee, Olathe

Hy-Vee, Ridgeview

The Kansas City BBQ Store*

Arbor Creek ACE Hardware


Overland Park, Kansas

The Culinary Center of Kansas City

Deer Creek Hen House Market

Hy-Vee, 135th and Antioch

Hy-Vee, 95th Street*

Queen’s Price Chopper (87th street location and 151st street location*)

Ranch Mart Ace Hardware*

Smoke ‘N’ Fire*


Prairie Village, Kansas

Hy-Vee, Prairie Village*

Hen House Market at Corinth Square

Village Market Hen House Market


Shawnee, Kansas

Hy-Vee, Shawnee*


Spring Hill, Kansas

Queen’s Price Chopper

Kansas City, Missouri

The Better Cheddar

Carollo’s Gourmet Grocery & Deli at River Market*

Cosentino’s Market Brookside*

Cosentino’s Market Downtown*

McGonigle’s Market*

Michael Forbes Grille (serves “The Sauce” in restaurant)

Nature’s Own*


Raytown, Missouri

The Store: Old-Fashioned Meat Market*




Outside of the Metro:


Weston, Missouri

Beverlin’s Statuary


St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis BBQ Store


Lawrence, Kansas


Grills and Grinders

Hy-Vee, 6th Street

Hy-Vee, Clinton Parkway

The Merc*


Louisburg, Kansas

Louisburg Cider Mill


Osawatomie, Kansas

Moon’s IGA


Paola, Kansas

Queen’s Price Chopper*



Emporia, Kansas

Fanestil Meats


Wichita, Kansas

All Things BBQ

The Restaurant

About the Restaurant

Hillsdale Bank Bar B.Q. has been serving up award-winning Kansas City barbeque since 1989. Located in the historic State Bank building of Hillsdale, Kansas, the restaurant provides a mix of great food in a unique setting with small-town atmosphere. Hillsdale Bank Bar B.Q. is within a thirty-minute drive of much of the Kansas City Metro area and is a favorite weekend destination for barbeque lovers.

The Hillsdale State Bank building (which was built in 1906 and operated as a bank until The Depression) still boasts many of its original features, including antique brick walls, a tin ceiling and the original bank vault. The restaurant has added an authentic railroad caboose for additional seating as well as an outdoor garden with patio seating.

About the Food

wood-fired pizza

Family owned and operated, at Hillsdale Bank Bar B.Q. we take pride in serving our customers only the finest and freshest foods available. Our meats come fresh, never frozen and are smoked with 100% hickory (never gas) to ensure that you get one-of-a-kind quality and flavor. Our wood-fired pizzas are made from scratch every night and cooked in a hand-built firebrick oven using 100% oak wood.

Our most popular items include our tender pulled pork, our mouth-watering pulled pork burnt ends, our succulent spare or baby back ribs and, of course, our bbq-style or vegetarian-style wood-fired pizza.

Did you know?

At Hillsdale Bank Bar B.Q., we love being able to offer our customers the freshest ingredients possible. It is important to us to ensure that our food is also as healthy as possible. We NEVER add rubs or salts to our meats… nor do we salt our fresh cut fries. We let you decide if your taste desires salt. We grow our own seasonal vegetables for pizzas and salads. We serve hormone-free chickens, our hamburger meat is ground at a small, local facility, we use Jasper’s Italian Sausage on our pizzas and buy local whenever possible.

Hillsdale Bank Bar B.Q. is committed to providing our customers with only the best. ”You can bank on our ribs!”

Yoder vs Rec Tec: Everything You Need to Know

Congratulations! You are here because you want to buy the best BBQ for grilling your food. Getting the best pellet smoker grill will simplify the art of smoking by eliminating 95% of the guesswork out of monitoring and timing temperature. It is the ideal tool for a novice chef new to competition and smoking world.

To help you get started, here we will look at Yoder vs Rec Tec by providing the key features of the two brands.

Yoder Smoker Brand

Yoder smoker is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality professional grills and smokers. All its gears are hand-welded in the USA by professional craftsmen and are made with heavy-duty gauge steel.   

Here are the key features of Yoder Pellet Smoker grills.


One thing that you should note is that Yoder makes BBQs that are only sold by selected retailers. You can buy its product from these stores and sites or simply visit its official website and place your order.  


Yoder smokers are one of the most expensive on the market today. Even its most affordable models are quite expensive when you compare to the market average price.

Competition Quality

The primary reason why people buy Yoder smokers is due to their high-quality construction. These are the gears that you will need when entering a contest or competition. Some of its models even have their unique trailers.

Rec Tec Smokers Brand

Rec Tec is a brand that has been in the market for a while and has proven to provide high-quality BBQs. This brand is a bit different from the Yoder brand and some of its most notable features include:


Rec Tec pellet grills are found in most stores and online sites. You can easily get these products from your local store or any other store that sells grills.


Although still expensive, Rec Tec smokers are affordable when you compare them to Yoder’s models. This means that there are other brands that are more affordable that Rec Tec.

Competition Quality

Rec Tec gears are mainly made for home use. They come with sufficient space for preparing food for the whole family.

Other Features of Yoder and Rec Tec Grills

Other features that you should look out for when getting your Yoder or Rec Tec grill are as follows:

Temperature Control

Rec Tec incorporates the unique digital temperature screen that makes it easier to read the temperature. It has a smart grill technology feature that enables you to set your desired temperature.

Yoder models also come with this ability, making them ideal for preparing food in a competition.


The two brands make products that are quite portable. You can move your BBQ from one place to the other with ease, without needing any help.

This portability makes them one of the best pellet smokers grills today.

Yoder vs Rec Tec: And the Winner Is…

As the models from Yoder are expensive, large, and mainly made for professionals, these BBQs are recommended for people entering competitions. If you want a model that you can use at home, go for a Rec Tec model.